Hebbville Academy

16147 Highway #3
Hebbville, Nova Scotia
B4V 6Y1
Phone: (902) 541 8280
Fax: (902) 541-8290
Email: ha@ssrce.ca

16161 Highway #3
Hebbville, Nova Scotia
B4V 6Y1
Phone: (902) 541 8284
Fax: (902) 541-3684
Email: hae@ssrce.ca

Our Mission Statement

Hebbville Academy is a school that cares about students, both academically and personally. It encourages students to achieve academically and promotes personal growth as individuals and members of the community.

Hebbville Academy is a P-9 school located in the Village of Hebbville, outside of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

The school has an enrollment of approximately 500 students and a staff of 67 (including support staff). It services Hebbville and its surrounding communities. Students from Newcombville Elementary join the student body at the Grade 5 level and the feeder schools of Petite Riviere and Pentz enroll at the Grade 7 level.

Hebbville is noted for its caring staff, academic focus and extracurricular programs.