Home and School


Melissa Bush... President.
Anne Burgess... Treasurer
Megan Mullock... Secretary.

Our email address for Home and School is hebbvillehands@nspes.ca Please use this address to contact the Hebbville Academy Home and School Association.

To: Families and Friends of Hebbville Academy

The Hebbville Academy Home & School Association has begun to organize the annual Hebbville Bazaar, which is being planned for Saturday, November 18, 2017. We wish to take this opportunity to invite you, your family and friends to come and enjoy the many exciting activities that are being planned. So mark this date on your calendar now...you won't want to miss the fun we have in store!

The money raised from our Bazaar support many activities and events (see below) from Primary to Grade 9.

Author presentations (P-9)
Butterfly Larva to teach the Life Cycle (P-5)
Winter and/or Spring Activities (P-9)
Citizenship Awards (P-5)
Library books (P-9)
Toys for the P-5 playground (P-5)
Books for new Primary Students (P-5)
PVEC Bursary for a former Hebbville student
Staff Appreciation Celebration (P-9)
Winter Carnival Events (P-9)
Items for our Vegetable Garden (P-5)
New Uniforms (P-9)
Other items as needed or requested.

In order to continue enriching our students’ school environment. Our school needs our help to make sure the students get everything they need to have a successful year!

Of course this would not be possible without the help of many volunteers and the generous support from families, friends, community members and numerous organizations in the community.

We are asking for any help you may be able to offer whether it is volunteering to help out at one of the Bazaar booths, canvassing local businesses, helping with set-up/tear down or donating an item/items for our cake walk, book table, surprise bags, class baskets, etc. If you wish to help out in any way, please contact Melissa Bush at 530-5479 or email the home and school hebbvillehands@nspes.ca.