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CAMP FOR KIDS - By Rachael McIntosh Dec. 22, 2017

Rachael McIntosh, a former Hebbville student, will be running a camp for kids up to age 17 that will be held at Bridgewater Elementary School, 130 York Street, Bridgewater, NS.

If you are interested please register by clicking on the following link: Here is the link for registration!!!!! <

You can contact Rachael with any questions you may have or follow her at the following:

Check out her poster by clicking on the PDF file below

Cafeteria Menu changes

Parents/students should be aware that from now until the end of December, there will be changes to the daily menu. Students should check the morning announcements to see what is available.

School Clothing Orders

Hebbville Academy now has an Online Clothing Store! We have partnered with Entripy Shops to provide Hebbville parents with a variety of options for Hebbville Clothing. Please note the sizing specifications located at the bottom of the page for each item when ordering. To browse, register or buy clothing, please click on the following link:

Allergy Awareness

Please note that Hebbville Academy is nut, shellfish and scent sensitive.

There was an error in the student handbook: at this time all fin fish products are welcome, as we no longer have students with a life threatening allergy to finned fish.


To Celebrate the Holidays,
Hebbville Elementary is having a Variety Show!

WHEN: Thursday December 21, 2017
TIME: 12:30pm

Students and staff will be celebrating the Festive Season with singing, dancing, art, drama and more!

Families are welcome to attend

Goodwill offerings to our Breakfast Program are being accepted.


SSRSB Transportation now has a Facebook Page (twitter to follow at some point).
This is just another way they can communicate any late buses, school cancellations and anything else transportation related.
You can LIKE them by looking for SSRSB Transportation.


Mr. Foote and our band members would like to invite you to attend their Band Concert on Monday December 19, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. (Storm Date - Tuesday December 19, 2017)

There is no cost to attend the concert, howeve goodwill donations to our Band Program would be appreciated.

Hope you can attend!


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