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Allergy Awareness

Please note that Hebbville Academy is nut, shellfish and scent sensitive.

There was an error in the student handbook: at this time all fin fish products are welcome, as we no longer have students with a life threatening allergy to finned fish.


Do you have two hours to available in your scheduled?

We are looking for ONE FULL TIME and ONE CASUAL Noon Hour Supervisor.

Ensure the safety of all Primary to Grade Nine students during their lunch hours.

Availability Monday to Friday each week.
Ability to problem solve in the moment.
Ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
Successful completion of a Criminals Record Check.
Successful completion of a Child Abuse Registry Check.

Please contact the Principal, Mr. S. Johnson at Hebbville Academy during School Hours (902) 541-8280



The Hebbville Academy Fall Bazaar is happening on Saturday November 18, 2017 from 11-2pm.
We are in need of volunteers to help out in many different ways to make this fundraiser a success. Most importantly we need your donation of time to help set up and run the booths. If you are able to donate your time to work a booth on Bazaar day please call/text Melissa Bush at 902-523-5650 (By October 20, 2017). Unfortunately if we do not get volunteers for this day we be unable to continue to hold our annual Bazaar which is the major fundraiser for school activities. The Home and School provides funding for an extensive list of items/activities such as; sports uniforms, winter carnival, citizenship awards, classroom activities, books for the library, playground toys and upgrades, just to name a few.

We also need cakes for the cake walk, books, stuffed animals, prizes, and items for the silent auction. Books, stuffies, prizes and silent auction items can be dropped off at either school anytime.

We would appreciate any help you can provide with canvassing for the silent auction. If every household was able to canvass just one business we would have an amazing silent auction for Bazaar Day. Attached you will find our canvassing letter that you may use to gather donations Please feel free to make as many copies as you need.

Thank you for your help!!

HOME & SCHOOL MEETS: Tuesday October 10, 2017 - 6:30pm (P-5 Building)


On November 23, Hebbville Academy will host a Parents as Career Coaches, an interactive program that provides information, strategies and practical tools to help students make informed academic, training and career choices. Studies show that parents have the greatest influence on their child’s career journey. This program will ensure parents are equipped to assist children. The session will be held in Room 114 and begin at 6:30pm. You may register online at or contact Hebbville at 902 541 8280 to add your name to the list.



12 Grade 5-7 Activity Night
18 Early dismissal CLT (P-5 dismiss at 12:15pm) (5-9 dismiss at 1:30pm)
19 Grade 7 immunizations
19 Grade 7-9 Dance; 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
20 Nova Scotia Assessment: Reading, Writing and Mathematics in Grade 6 ends
25 P-9 Presentation - The Saidat Show
26 Picture Retakes
26 Soup Day for P-5 students
27 Provincial Conference Day - (No students present)

1 Early dismissal CLT (P-5 dismiss at 12:15pm) (5-9 dismiss at 1:30pm)
2 Grade 5-7 Activity Night 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
7 Home & School Meeting (6:30 - P-5 building)
13 Remembrance Day Observation - (No students present)
16 Grade 7-9 Dance: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
20 Report Card Prep. Day - (No students present)
22 Early dismissal CLT (P-5 dismiss at 12:15pm) (5-9 dismiss at 1:30pm)
23 Parents as Career Coaches; 6:30 pm
27 Term 1 report cards home P-9
29 Parent/Teacher Interviews (all gradesP-9) 6:00-8:00pm
30 Parent/Teacher Interviews (all grades) 1-3 pm (P-5 dismiss 10:45/5-9 dismiss 12:10)
30 We Day

5 Christmas Dinner - Grades P-5 Building
6 Early dismissal CLT (P-5 dismiss at 12:15pm)(5-9 dismiss at 1:30pm)
7 Christmas Dinner - Grades 5-9 Building
7 Grade 7-9 Dance; 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
13 Christmas Concert – Grade P-5 (9:30am & 12:00pm)
14 Storm date for P-5 Christmas Concert
21 Last day of classes before Christmas (Sock Hop)


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